A-Level Workshop

The transition from GCSEs to A-Levels can appear quite overwhelming. Students may find navigating the amount A-Level process alone quite daunting. As the knowledge required at A-Level is quite a jump from GCSE. Universities and businesses often look at the results obtained from these set of when forming part of the decision towards your application. 

A-Levels require students to retain a vast amount of information. In addition to this students have an immense number of subjects to choose from. There are many aspects to consider when entering your A-Levels. Our tutors aim to support students through every step of this process. Our A-Level tutors will take into account the path you want to take and give bespoke advice on the best way to approach this to receive your desired outcomes.

Our A-Level Intensive Workshops cater to those students who have a specific goal to achieve but less time to prepare. Scholarius tutors lead the Intensive Workshops. Our dedicated and professional tutors possess high levels of expertise in their fields. Established in 2015, Scholarius has helped many of its students with A-Level examination preparation, resulting in students exceeding their initial expectations, and securing places at internationally prestigious universities such as Oxbridge, UCL, and Harvard