My name is Emmanuel Ngwengi and I am the founder of Scholarius Consulting.

My passion for learning led me to study Medicine and later gain an MSc in Quantitative Finance and then Combined Engineering and Computer Science. Having experienced the many benefits of a varied and rich education, I was fortunate enough to find myself working in a role that interested and challenged me. However, faced with the global financial crisis, I found my career in finance temporarily stalled and took to tutoring to fill the time.

It should have come as no surprise that tutoring ignited me. After all, I’d always considered myself lucky to have been inspired and encouraged by so many wonderful teachers along my journey. Assisting children in achieving a full understanding of course material not only helped them to pass exams but also lit a love for learning in them. Had it not been for private tuition, this may never have happened. So, although I returned to my career in finance once the worst of the credit crunch was over, I knew I wanted to make a real difference in the education sector too.

In June 2015, I established Scholarius and I have now tutored over 500 students in a wide variety of subjects. Scholarius has grown to encompass other tutors and Education Consultants, offering both in-person and online tuition as well as consultancy services for schools and universities. 

In addition, Scholarius is also providing access to higher education and independent schooling through offering entrance exam tuition and interview coaching.