7+ Intensive Workshop

Sitting the 7+ examination can be an exciting experience that can unlock countless opportunities for personal and academic development. 

Central to our philosophy here at Scholarius Consulting is that education should be accessible and effective for all students. We offer services in 7+ entrance examination preparation. Including but not limited to subjects such as Maths, English, and Science. Many individuals consider these examinations to be their child’s first major examination this however, can be a lot of pressure. Examination success includes a multitude of factors. Such as students emotions on the day and what preparation techniques have been utilised. 

Our tutors are able to provide broad tuition across a range of subjects that feature in the 7+ examination. Our Intensive Workshop aims to deliver our bespoke services to students who require a high level of support in a short period of time. The 7+ Intensive Workshop tutors will focus on developing knowledge and furthering students understanding in particular subjects.

Our Intensive Workshop are also suitable for students who may not have had previous long term tutoring. Employing a holistic approach to education ensures that our tutors can accurately assess each of their students needs. Thus delivering our educational resources in engaging fashion that compliments your child’s learning style.

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