11+ Intensive Workshop

The 11+ entrance examinations will contribute to determining if your child attends their top choice school.

Success in the 11+ entrance examinations is dependent on a various factors. Including your child demonstrating that they have the appropriate skill set, and subject knowledge to achieve their potential in future academic ventures at their prospective school.

Scholarius tutors have an in-depth knowledge of what enables students to be successful in the 11+ entrance exams. We have carefully selected and vetted our tutors to ensure they are fully capable of motivating students. In addition it is important that our tutors enable students to reach their potential. Furthermore many of our tutors have personal experience with the 11+ examinations. As they have been through the entrance examination process themselves. Due to this tutors are able to provide bespoke advice to students and parents on what many UK independent schools are looking for in their prospective students.

Scholarius Consulting believes that education should be accessible for all students. We adopt a holistic view to education; this means we assess and address all factors that may be affecting a student’s performance. Our 11+ Intensive Workshop has been specifically created to cater to those students who may have not had long term tutoring. Additionally these workshops will also benefit students who have a shorter period to prepare for their entrance examinations.

With attention to the selection of schools in mind for your child, our tutors will carefully construct teaching and revision resources for the specification and content of the examination boards used by each school.

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